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Welcome to the official website of VisitBallet. We specialize in the pre-sale of tickets for various cultural events in Saint-Petersburg.

Through our site, both local and foreign customers from any part of the world can purchase tickets to their favourite events in Russia.

We sell official tickets straight from the companies, venues, and producers. All tickets issued through are “verified” so we offer 100% guarantee on their authenticity (See Refund Policy below).

Our Staff & Management

With respect to quality of services, years of experience, customer feedbacks, and customer support, VisitBallet is the most reliable online tickets agency as far as St. Petersburg, Russia is concerned today. Our staff is a team of highly professional people with a college or university degree. Besides, the Management is made up of people with 6 years of experience, on the average, in the tickets industry.

Our Clients

In the last few years of our operation, we have successfully partnered with several clients who access our one-of-a-kind ticketing services. These include, but not limited to American Express Concierge Desk in Italy, American Express Concierge Desk in Brazil, American Express Concierge Desk in Finland, American Express Concierge Desk in Germany, American Express Concierge Desk in Ontario (Canada), American Express Concierge Desk in Texas (USA), Golden Prestige Concierge Desk (France), American Express Concierge Desk in Switzerland , IKEA (Sweden), Visa Concierge Center Australia, American Express Concierge Desk in Mexico, and TenUK Concierge Desk (United Kingdom).
Our track records with these and many other clients are verifiable. It’s worth stating that the wide acceptance our ticketing services have had over the years, proves the trustworthiness of

Our Services

Personal services offers each customer a Personal Ticket Consultant (PTC) who is assigned to help in the tickets booking procedure, from start to finish. A PTC is there to form a personal relationship with a customer in order to understand all his/her needs. offers more than business; we give you a better value for your money by making sure you don’t feel lost before and after your ticket booking. You will be able to call or e-mail their assigned PTC.

Corporate Services

If you have a concierge business, you can partner with us to help your clients obtain tickets to any events they want to attend in Russia. Get in touch with our Support Desk.

Our Track Records

Our website contains most up-to-date information about playbills of all major St. Petersburg ballet, operas, concerts, and shows. As of today, we are the only tickets agency in Russia that offers cancellations or changes for the tickets ordered for any reason and without any commissions.

Payments and Delivery

We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, Diner's Club, and JCB cards. You can pay over the Internet through our secure, encrypted payment system.
We deliver electronic tickets by e-mail. You only need to print and take them with you to the events you plan to attend. This is the best and most convenient way of delivery.

Our Support Desk

We're here for you when you need us. Contact us anytime with questions or problems you may have, and our support team will get back to you within 24 hours.
Phone: +7 812 565 33 95 

Our phone support is open 24/7 as our Emergency Assistance Number. Within two (2) minutes, someone will answer your call.

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